Who Kai Cenat? History, Twitch earnings, age, setup (2024)

Kei Cenat is one of the breakthrough Twitch streamers in 2022. He’s on his way to becoming the most-subscribed streamer on the platform, which is extraordinary considering he only started streaming in Feb. 2021.

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Cenat started as a content creator on YouTube. He uploaded his first video in Jan. 2018. His early content revolved around things like challenges and pranks. His Extreme Ding Dong Ditch series was particularly popular.

Eventually, his community grew to the point where he wanted to branch out.

So, he started doing Just Chatting streams on Twitch, which seemed like the perfect fit for his loud and boisterous personality, and it paid off big time.

By the time he finished his first stream on Feb. 2, 2021, he already had 5,000 followers, most of which migrated from YouTube. His follower count grew to 70,000 before the end of the month and doubled the month after.

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The momentum has just never stopped. His channel started drawing lots of attention, especially when he hit the 500,000 follower milestone and became the second most-subscribed streamer on the platform in Aug. 2022. Twitch didn’t acknowledge his meteoric rise, which didn’t sit well with several streamers, including Asmongold and xQc, the latter of which also slammed racist viewers for downplaying his success.

It became a hot topic in the streaming scene. YouTuber Low Tier God believes Twitch turned a blind eye to Cenat’s ascension because they didn’t think his content, which can be rambunctious at times, was marketable.

Cenat responded by implying he’ll double down on being himself on stream, regardless of whether it’s marketable. He exceeded two million followers shortly after.

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Kai Cenat, at a glance

  • Real Name: Kai Cenat
  • Age: 20
  • Birthday: Dec. 16, 2001
  • Nationality: American
  • Partner: None
  • Awards: None
  • Org: None

What games does Kai Cenat play?

Kai Cenat has spent more than a thousand hours and 70 percent of his total stream time doing Just Chatting streams, so he doesn’t stream games often.

However, when he does, GTA V is his game of choice, followed by Fortnite. He’s also streamed Minecraft, Fall Guys, NBA2K23, but nowhere near as much.

What is Kai Cenat’s streaming set-up?

Kai Cenat hasn’t revealed his streaming set-up or gaming PC. However, considering he bought NBA superstar Kyrie Irving an insane rig along with all the peripherals required to stream, there’s a good chance his is even better.

How much does Kai Cenat make?

It’s unclear how much money Kai Cenat makes from his Twitch channel. However, StreamsCharts estimates it to be around $63,845 to $143,095 per month, with a median of $86,714, based on his subscriber count. Considering he also has around three million subscribers on YouTube, he likely makes a decent amount on there, too.

Where is Kai Cenat from?

Kai Cenat was born and raised in New York City, New York. He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Why is Kai Cenat so popular on Twitch?

Kai Cenat isn’t a streamer whose content revolves around being good at games and playing the latest ones. Instead, he’s a natural-born entertainer with an extroverted, high-energy personality, and wild sense of humor.

People tune in to have a good laugh and to see all the crazy shenanigans he gets up to, like the time he danced in the shower or had a Mexican mariachi band burst into his house and bust out a tune on stream.

Kai Cenat’s most popular Twitch clip

Kai Cenat’s most popular clip on Twitch is a hilarious moment when he told off two little girls who wanted to pour a bottle of juice over his head, only to end up screaming in pain because one pulled his hair.

So what’s next for Kai Cenat?

Based on the current trajectory of his Twitch viewership numbers, Kai Cenat’s future is looking bright. There’s a good chance he’ll end up overtaking xQc and becoming the most-subscribed streamer on the platform.

Even if that doesn’t happen, his breakout success has been nothing short of remarkable. So, there’s no need for him to change his content. It will only get bigger and better, and might even include more collaborations.

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Who Kai Cenat? History, Twitch earnings, age, setup (2024)
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