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This article is about the displayable achievement. For the skill type, see Title (skill type).

A title is a text string that can be displayed under the name of a player's character in staging areas (i.e. guild halls, outposts, and towns). Titles represent achievements that you have made in the game. The titles that are available to your character and their progress are shown in the "Titles" tab on the Hero Panel.


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There are two types of titles: character-based and account-based. Character-based titles are tied to one character only, while account-based titles can be seen on the lists of all characters in that account. Each character progresses towards character-based titles separately, but progress on account-based titles are shared amongst all characters.

Initially, a character's list of titles on the Hero Panel consists of only a small number of entries, because the tracks appear only after earning points towards the title. For instance, the Sweet Tooth appears after you consume at least one Sweet. There are two exceptions: the Legendary Defender of Ascalon track only appears after attaining level 12 and Survivor after attaining level 5.

The titles shown on the Hero Panel are grouped into three groupings: maxed titles, non-maxed titles that can be displayed (the first two ranks of the hero title are shown here even though they cannot be displayed), and titles that cannot yet be displayed. Each grouping is sorted by rank, then by percentage of completion to the next rank.


Title progress is recorded automatically; the player is not required to manually acknowledge or accept the progress. Progress is accumulated simultaneously for all applicable titles. There is no restriction on how many titles can be worked on at any one time. Title progress is not generally retroactive; that is, newly introduced titles do not take past achievements into consideration.

A title is divided into ranks (although some titles have only a single rank). Each rank represents a milestone and is given a specific name that differs from the rest of the ranks. The actual number or rank of a title's name can be seen in parentheses next to the name of the title on the Hero Panel.


Titles can be displayed by a character once a certain rank is reached. The minimum rank for this differs depending on the title. When a title is eligible for display, a checkbox appears to the left of the title progress bar on the Hero Panel. Checking it will display the name of the title's rank below the name of the character. In a staging area, anyone who hovers the mouse cursor over the character or targets the character will see the title. Only one title can be displayed at any one time.

Aside from bragging rights, some titles also confer in-game effects or bonuses, either passively (i.e. the bonus is effective whether or not the title is displayed: Lucky and Unlucky, Treasure Hunter, and Wisdom) or actively (i.e. it has to be displayed for the bonus to take effect). Some PvE-only skills scale with certain titles.

With the release of Guild Wars Eye of the North, titles can also be displayed at the "Honor" monument in a character's Hall of Monuments. The rank at which a title can be exhibited at the monument is usually greater than the rank required for a character to display it.

List of titles[edit]

Character titles
CoreCartographer1 Drunkard Guardian1 Maxed Titles Party Animal Protector1 Skill Hunter1 Survivor Sweet Tooth Vanquisher1
PropheciesLegendary Defender of Ascalon
NightfallLightbringer Sunspear
Eye of the NorthAsura Deldrimor Ebon Vanguard Master of the North2 Norn
All campaigns3Legendary Cartographer Legendary Guardian Legendary Skill Hunter Legendary Vanquisher
Account titles4
CoreChampion Codex Gamer Gladiator Hero Lucky Treasure Hunter5 Unlucky Wisdom5 Zaishen
FactionsKurzick • Luxon
Eye of the North
1 There is a separate title track for each campaign (Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall).
2 For Eye of the North, the equivalents of Protector, Guardian, Cartographer and Vanquisher are all merged in this single title.
3 The account must have access to Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall to be able to acquire these titles.
4 Account titles except for 5 can be shown in the monument of "Honor" before being maxed.
5 Treasure Hunter and Wisdom title tracks were changed to account-wide titles in the 13 November 2008 update.
6 Progress on this title is no longer possible.

See also[edit]

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