Prestige items and titles. (2024)

3 hours ago, Danikat.8537 said:

I always find the concept of prestigious items in a game difficult because to me it's a very personal thing, the items I think of as important and special and which I'm proud of having obtained may not mean anything to anyone else, and ones which are supposed to be important according to other people may be irrelevant to me.

Of course, that's what i mean, what do you consider a prestige item.

3 hours ago, Danikat.8537 said:

I mean one obvious choice could be the celebration hat which was only available from the start of the head start period until the end of the first week of the game's release. It shows you were there right at the start...but so what? You bought a game before some other people. Well done?

3 hours ago, Danikat.8537 said:

Someone could have bought the game on release just because they buy every new MMO and never log in after the headstart period and they'd have it. Someone else could have bought the game the day after the hat was removed from the store, played every day since, run a successful guild which helped a lot of other people get into the game and they wouldn't have it. A 3rd person could have been playing since day 1 of the headstart period but they didn't know to pick the hat up from the gem store, or accidentally deleted it. Is the first person somehow a better or more impressive GW2 player than the other two? If not then what does it say that they've got an extra hat?

3 hours ago, Danikat.8537 said:

There are some account bound items which can be bought. The Halloween mini pets from the candy corn vendorfor example, they're account bound on acquire but you could just buy gems, convert them to gold and use the gold to buy candy corn to get the mini.

Yeah, exactly my point, like, for me, something prestige would be something you had to kind of "work for it", but then there's items in the game you can "work for" via luck, and "work for" via skill, and the skill based ones often can come down to buy enough gold with gems. That's why i wanted to see what people think.

I don't know why i've split those into 3...

3 hours ago, Danikat.8537 said:

Having said all that here's some items I know of which have/had very limited availability or are difficult to get and which couldn't simply be bought directly:

  • The aforementioned celebration hat, and the Hero's Band pre-purchase item (which all my characters use from level 1-80 and then keep in their inventory).
  • The pre-purchase items and titles from HoT and PoF (and I suppose EoD).
  • Mini Clockheart - from completing all the achievements in the Aetherpath in Twilight Arbor.
  • The various Mini Llamas which come from completing the PvP league reward track and in some cases from winning automated tournaments.
  • Some of the raid minis which require you to beat their bosses, but I couldn't say which are especially hard.

Are items that are no longer available considered prestige anymore? I wonder...

3 hours ago, Danikat.8537 said:

Mini Liadri and the Blazing Light title from beating the Queen's Gauntlet.

There's a lot more of course, a lot of titles for a start, but I'm not going to try to list them all.

Hey, i have both of those and Kinglsayer for beating Turai Ossa! 😄

I guess i then have some prestige items! 😛

3 hours ago, kharmin.7683 said:

I still want a title for Giant Slayer, especially since I did it the hard way. 😞

You mean, core tyria way? 😮

And i'm confused, you did it and have the title or want the title?

2 hours ago, HnRkLnXqZ.1870 said:

The highest prestige you can achieve is getting an NPC named after you. Siegemaster Dulfy in the Urban Battlegrounds Fractal, probably the fractal-boss most players know.

True, but, some people have had that done post mortem so it's probably not relevant to them anymore, depending on what you believe.

2 hours ago, HnRkLnXqZ.1870 said:

The second highest I consider is when the developers listen to you and grant your wish/suggestion.

I guess haha, not many people could say they achieved that! 🙂

2 hours ago, HnRkLnXqZ.1870 said:

Stuff from discontinued and non-replayable content is a bit weird. If you happened to play during that certain time-period, lucky you. But I would not consider those achievements of prestige.

Yeah, luck and "right timing or never again available" based items do seem to walk the fine line, are they prestige or not?

2 hours ago, Fueki.4753 said:

It's the invisible shoe skins, obviously.

There is no way to get more prestige than getting the literally rarest items in the game as a drop, or buy it for over 2000 gold on the trading post, just to have literally nothing to show for it.

Lol, when you put it like that, that IS funny! 😄

Also, you can kinda fake those withTribal Walkersskin haha, just need to find the pants that cover up the ring parts. 😄

2 hours ago, Rasimir.6239 said:

I always have a hard time associating prestige with game cosmetics. I've actually got a few of the things you mention, but don't find any of them prestigious. I simply got them because getting them entertained me.

Nice! But isn't the work you had to do (and i don't mean "work" work), like, the sheer fact that you had to invest time in those prestige enough? There is definitely some skill involved in those as well.

I mean, you have something some other players don't. 😛

2 hours ago, Astralporing.1957 said:

It's still the God Walking Among Mere Mortals title.

Is that still obtainable?

1 hour ago, The Fear.3865 said:

Imo something like

Open world:

Furious achiever

Long-term commitment

Meta event infusions (khan hur, tarir, chak, pinata, queen bee, shatty...)

Legendary weapons

Black lion permanent contacts


Fractals / Raids / DRM:

Community hero

Fractal titles

Envoy's herald

PvP :

Best of the best / Gizmos

Community conqueror

Top 1,2,3,10,25,100,250 titles

Rank 100 mistforged armor

WvW :

God of wvw / Ultimate dominator

Rank 500 mistforged armor

Agree with most of them. 🙂

Maybe not infusions since you can just buy them with real money off TP.

Yay, you achieved having a job...

Oother than that, yeah, nice list!:)

Prestige items and titles. (2024)
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