Orlando Police Department (2024)

OPD is a nationally recognized law enforcement agency that is focused on the safety of our residents, visitors, and businesses. Our job is to protect the citizens of Orlando and we intend to accomplish that mission, even at risk to our own lives. We ask only for your assistance bycalling9-1-1anytime you see something suspicious, or when someone needs help.

The men and women at the Orlando Police Department are some of the most dedicated and loyal public servants in this great nation, and we promise to serve you with Courage, Pride and Commitment.

Mission Statement:
"Keep Orlando a safe city by reducing crime and maintaining livable neighborhoods."

OPD Services

Report a CrimeReport a non-violent or financial crime online to the Orlando Police Department.
Compliment an OPD OfficerAnyone may recognize or submit a compliment on an officer or employee of the Orlando Police Department. If you had a positive encounter with an Orlando Police Officer or employee, we would love to hear about it.
File a Complaint About an OPD OfficerIf you feel an officer has acted improperly, there are two ways to make a complaint.

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OPD Initiatives

OPD Community NewsletterSign up to receive quarterly information from the Orlando Police Department on crime stats, cold case updates, community events and more.
Community EngagementThe Orlando Police Department is part of the Orlando community and wants to engage with residents and business owners to keep our community safe. Learn about OPD engagement opportunities.
Careers at the Orlando Police DepartmentLearn more about our upcoming Career Fair and sign up for opportunities to join the agency.
Domestic ViolenceLearn more about police initiatives on domestic violence.

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Department Head

Orlando Police Department (1)

Eric D. Smith, Orlando Police Chief

Chief Eric D. Smith has served Orlando since 1994 in various leadership roles. He credits his experience with our internationally recognized SWAT team for preparing him to be the law enforcement leader he is today.

Chief Smith believes law enforcement is responsible for building trusting relationships with the community and is proud to serve as the 40th Chief of the Orlando Police Department.

The Administrative Services Bureau is composed of the Support Services Division, the Communications DivisionandtheProfessional Standards Division.

The Support Services Divisionconsists of several sections vital to the success of the Orlando Police Department, includingRecords, Property and Evidence, quartermaster, Report Review Information, Criminal Intake and Witness Management.

Property and Evidence:Stolen property, with the exception of money or contraband that has been seized as evidence, shall be returned to its rightful owner as soon as possible. This is provided that there is no uncertainty as to who the rightful owner is and there is no law enforcement reason for retaining the property. If you have been notified that your stolen property has been recovered, please contact our Property and Evidence Section during business hours at 407.246.2445.

The Communications Divisionmanages calls requesting response from police, fire and emergency medical services. Employees receive a minimum of 232 hours of training and are certified by the Department of Health as a Public Safety Telecommunicator. Calls for police service are handled by our specially-trained police dispatchers.

The Professional Standards Divisionconsists of theInternal Affairs Section,Training, Recruiting Unit, Accreditation and Inspections Section, the FiscalManagement Section and the Strategic Planning and Grants Section.

Chief’s Staff is composed of a Chief of Staff and the Criminal Justice Section.

Chief of Staffreports directly to theChief of Policeand is responsible for managing Internal Affairs, Recruiting and Media Relations.

The Criminal Justice Sectionincludes thePolice Legal Advisors’and the City Prosecutor’s office. OPD legal advisors provide legal guidance on search warrants, contracts and laborandemployment issues. Additionally, legal advisors handle civil forfeiture cases which may lead to the seizure of vehicles and money to be used for crime prevention. Please note:The Police Legal Advisor’sOffice does not represent or give legal advice to the citizens of Orlando.

The Investigative Services Bureau is consists of the Criminal Investigation Division and the Special Enforcement Division.

The Criminal Investigation Division includes Violent Crimes Section, Crime Center and Forensic Section and Property Section. Violent Crimes focuses on crimes from assaults, robberies, stalking anddomestic violence, sexual violence, homicideandmissing persons. Our Crime Center and Forensic Section employs technology to analyze crime patterns and uses highly trained personnel to identify and collect both physical and digital evidence. Property Section works cases where personal and commercial property is damaged or stolen, or where identity theft and fraud is used to commit crime.

The Special Enforcement Division consists of specialized units who conduct investigations and operations to control illegal drug, violent criminal activity and fugitive apprehension throughout the city. This division also collaborates with other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies on task forces, such as the Central FloridaHigh IntensityDrug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) task force and the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation (MBI). They also work closely with theCriminal Nuisance Abatement board, which hears complaints of public nuisances on properties where there are drug or prostitution-related offenses.

The Media Relations (PIO) Office serves as the liaison between the Orlando Police Department and the members of the media, both local, national and international. The PIO office handles a variety of media inquiries and facilitatesmedia’s public records requests regarding law enforcement matters for the City of Orlando.

The Orlando Police Department is committed to informing the community and members of the news media of critical public safety matters handled by the department.

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Contact Us

Office hours:
Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Phone: 407.246.2401

Email: opdpio@orlando.gov

Public Records Request

Requests for incident reports, body worn camera video, cad reports, and any other documents for police-related incidents the department is handling, please submit a public records request via records.orlando.gov.

Media Inquiries Before/After Business Hours

If you are in need of information regarding an active call, please contact the Communications Center at 321.235.5300 and they will dispatch a Watch Commander to provide you initial information. For follow up on the inquiries, please email opdpio@orlando.gov and we will respond during business hours.

The Patrol Services Bureau consists of the City’s first responders for all law enforcement aspects. From calls for service to community functions, these men and women serve with courage, pride and commitment. There are more than 400 Sworn and Professional Staff assigned to the Bureau comprising the East, West and North Patrol Divisions. This is the largest bureau within the Orlando Police Department. It serves more than 270,000 residentsand millions ofmillions of tourists who come to visit our city every year by responding to more than 400,000 calls for service per year.

TheWest Patrol Divisionalso includes the International Drive Unit in the tourist corridor. TheEast Patrol Division alsoincludes the non-sworn Community Service Officer (CSO) Unit who perform non-emergency law enforcement duties, including but not limited to responding to non-violent criminal incidents and traffic crashes. The Central Patrol Division also includes several specialized bike units in our urban and business districts.

The Patrol Services Bureau strives to build trust between the police department and the citizens we serve.

TheSpecial Services Bureauincludes theInternational Airport Division, Community Relations Division and the Special Operations Division.

The International Airport Divisionconsists of the Administration Units (Investigations and Training and Special Projects) and airport patrol squads.

The Community Relations Divisionincludes the Community Involvement Section,School Resource Officer Section, Neighborhood WatchandtheVolunteer Program.

The Special Operations Divisionincludes theTraffic Enforcement Section(Motors, Traffic HomicideandSchool Crossing Guard Units) and the Special Patrol Section (Mounted Patrol Unit,K-9 Unit,Extra Duty Employment,Aviation Tactical Officers andVehicles for Hire).

Extra Duty Employment provides temporary police services to private businesses, organizations or individuals for a fee. The police services can be requested for security and/or traffic concerns by calling 407.246.3915.

Orlando Police Department (2024)
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