Love Island USA Season 4: Which Couples Are Still Together (And Which Aren't) (2024)


  • Love Island USA season 4 winners Timmy and Zeta broke up shortly after the show ended, citing distance and growing apart.
  • Isaiah and Sydney, who finished in second place, are still together, and making their long-distance relationship work.
  • Deb and Jesse decided to give their romance a shot after the show, but broke up after four months, and decided to remain friends.

After 32 days in the villa, lovebirds Timmy Pandolfi and Zeta Morrison emerged as the Love Island USA season 4 winners, but not all couples from the hit reality TV show remained together. Although the two hit it off immediately in the first week, brief flirtations with other cast members really opened their eyes. Those interactions showed them how well they were paired from the outset. As a result, they reunited, and took home the $100,000 grand prize.

While it hasn't been very long since the top couples placed in the competition, if Love Island USA has taught fans anything, it's that a romance forged on the show can end in the blink of an eye. As Love Island: All Stars unfolds, it's time to check in on past couples. Therefore, it's time to see which Love Island USA season 4 couples have endured so far.

1 Timmy And Zeta

Not Together

From the moment they laid eyes on each other, New Yorker Timmy and Surrey native Zeta connected on the hit reality dating show. Zeta had no plans to step forward to choose a beau to begin the season, yet changed her tune once Timmy entered the villa. Despite a rocky patch in week two, which saw them briefly court other housemates, they were voted the Hottest Couple by the viewers.

It came as no surprise when Zeta and Timmy received the $100,000 grand prize to split. On August 28, 2022, the 29-year-old babysitter and model from England, Zeta, and Timmy (the 29-year-old personal trainer and real estate agent from New York City) were crowned the winners. However, this relationship wasn't built to last, especially outside the villa.

Zeta revealed that she broke up with Timmy. She said she felt distant when season 4 ended, and Timmy headed back to New York. Timmy didn't offer her a ride to the airport, and while things were “good” for a brief time, they started to grow distant.

Speaking to TMZ, Timmy confessed, “We’re not speaking, I don’t think she wants to be my friend.” As per Timmy, their romance was, “never able to be figured on either side.” There was a lot of pressure on the two, as the season 4 winners, since, “there is business involved and people expect to see you together.”

2 Isaiah And Sydney

Still Together

Just like Timmy and Zeta, Isaiah Campbell and Sydney Paight were Day 1 OG contestants who were immediately drawn together in the first episode. The South Dakotan and Houston native grew stronger, and managed to overcome the dramatic Love Island Casa Amor temptation. Even if they did get attracted to other islanders, Sydney and Isaiah reunited, remained dedicated to one another, and plowed ahead towards a solid second-place finish. Despite the couple’s rollercoaster ride of a relationship, they're still together.

I feel like we're bulletproof at this point,” Sydney told ScreenRant in an interview. Isaiah admitted that it was “right after Casa” that he knew he and Sydney had a strong connection worth fighting for. Then, Isaiah wasn’t sure if he was going to move to LA yet or if Sydney would move to Miami.

He just texted me five minutes ago. We’re still together, but it’s hard with the time difference. He stays up so late, though. When I go out, he stays up until five in the morning."

So far, Sydney and Isaiah have managed to make their long-distance relationship work. In a more recent interview with ENews, Sydney gushed, “He just texted me five minutes ago. We’re still together, but it’s hard with the time difference. He stays up so late, though. When I go out, he stays up until five in the morning." Isaiah recently visited Houston with Sydney to see her mom. She revealed that her mom loves him too, and that things are good between them for now.

3 Deb And Jesse

Not Together

During the Love Island USA reunion show, Deb Chubb and Jesse Bray decided to give their romance a shot at long-term success. After matching up on Day 1, the two spent much more time apart than Timmy and Zeta and Isaiah and Sydney did due to certain challenges and the Casa Amor split. In the end, fans voted them the third-place couple of Love Island USA season 4, due to their genuine affection for one another, and electric onscreen chemistry. Deb even moved to the West Coast from Texas after the show to be closer to Jesse. However, after four months together, Deb and Jesse broke up in November 2022.

4 Jeff And Nadjha

Not Together

Love Island USA Season 4: Which Couples Are Still Together (And Which Aren't) (1)

In a dramatic turn of events, prospective fourth-place finishers Jeff Christian and Nadjha Day walked out of the final voting ceremony after a major altercation between Jeff and Timmy. That was the result of the previous elimination. Nadjha didn’t want to continue partnering with Jeff, but they attempted to date after the show ended.

Then, they reconciled and began posting pictures together. As per Najdha, they were attempting to work on their relationship. Jeff confessed they had some growing up to do. They quit shortly after, as her followers saw the Colombian beauty posting a photo of her new flame.

However, Najdha had a messy breakup with her new boyfriend, as she revealed in February 2023. It was just a month after she stopped filming Love Island season 4 (in October 2022) that Najdha began dating a man named Jackson. She said they looked perfect together on social media but accused him of being “one of the worst human beings,” as per CheatSheet.

Najdha claimed the man was verbally abusive to her throughout the relationship. It was she who eventually dumped him. She considered him to be her “worst mistake.” The alleged harassment led Najdha to block him.

5 Phoebe And Chad

Not Together

Phoebe Siegel’s goal of finding true love on Love Island USA was questioned because she quickly moved from one partner to another. When Isaiah returned to his now-partner, Phoebe tried to prove she was better than Sydney. Phoebe also showed interest in Chazz Bryant and newbie Joel Bierwert. Ultimately, she formed a deep connection with Chad Robinson, then with Mackenzie Dipman.

Phoebe made out with Chad at the 80s party, after which they were announced as the new villa couple. They made it to the final five, but they were, as expected, eliminated from Love Island USA just before the finale.

After the show, Phoebe and Chad tried to figure out how to navigate their new relationship. They planned on attending football games together and wanted to get acquainted with each other’s friend circle. However, it took them just a month to call off their relationship after leaving the villa in September 2022.

Phoebe posted an Instagram story and a selfie of her and Chad during a Q&A session. At that event, she was asked about their relationship status. Phoebe confirmed that they’d decided just to be friends. However, Chad had still promised Phoebe that he’d come for a Michigan game.

6 Joel And Bella

Not Together

Love Island USA Season 4: Which Couples Are Still Together (And Which Aren't) (3)

Joel Bierwert and Bella Barbaro spent less than a week in the villa and didn't have enough time to get to know each other. Since departing the island, the two have gotten much closer, and Joel confirmed that they were together. Joel, living in Massachusetts, and Bella, being from New York, meant theirs was not a long-distance relationship, so they could make things work. Joel even met Bella’s family and got approval from her parents, sisters, and cousins. Joel planned on asking Bella to make their relationship official soon.

This was in September 2022, but by October 2022, everything was over between Joel and Bella. Joel and Bella choose to stay friends rather than being boyfriend and girlfriend. Work seemed to have been what caused the breakup.

There were no hard feelings between them, and both moved on quickly. Joel started to focus on his scent company and bodybuilding while Bella did a bit of modeling. She came out with a song called “Situationship.”

7 Sereniti And Tyler

Not Together

Love Island USA Season 4: Which Couples Are Still Together (And Which Aren't) (4)

Despite sharing palpable chemistry with Sereniti Springs, Tyler Radziszweski was dumped from the island on Day 7, three days after his arrival. Sereniti was left in tears. Tyler told Page Six that he was heartbroken when Chazz snatched her away. That's where their relationship ended. The pair has stayed separate since.

8 Kat And Jared

Not Together

Love Island USA Season 4: Which Couples Are Still Together (And Which Aren't) (5)

Kat Gibson and Jared Hassim entered the villa on Day 12 and departed when they were dumped together on Day 22. They were on the show for the shortest time out of all the other couples in season 4. Once Kat and Jared realized they'd developed strong feelings for each other, they began packing their bags and were ready to exit the island. The reunion episode saw Kat and Jared revealing they were still together after leaving the competition.

Kat and Jared considered each other their first real romantic relationship. However, in September 2022, the Love Island USA season 4 couple announced their decision to split in an Instagram story update. Kat revealed she and Jared had both taken some time apart so they could focus on themselves instead of each other. Even after the breakup, Kat stayed “very close as friends” with Jared. He reposted the update on his own stories, but Jared didn’t put forth a statement suggesting the split may not have been amicable.

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Love Island USA Season 4: Which Couples Are Still Together (And Which Aren't) (2024)
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