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This guide describes the optimized way to get the title God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals.


  • 1 General suggestions
  • 2 Reaching rank 6 (GWAMM) quickly
  • 3 Title requirement evaluation
  • 4 Title synergies

General suggestions[edit]

  • If trying to get only one gwamm, it is best to ignore account-wide titles as those are usually extremely long to get and therefore ineffective for one gwamm. On the opposite, if hoping to have several gwamm characters, account wide titles can become interesting.
    • Increasing treasure hunter, kurzick/luxon or lucky rank a bit can still provide some small benefits (most importantly stronger allegiance skills)
  • Try to combine several titles at once when possible.
    • Avoid specifically farming reputation titles (Savior of the Kurzicks and/or Luxons, Lightbringer, sunspear, Asuran, Deldrimor, Ebon Vanguard, and Norn) until all missions (NM and HM) and vanquishes are done in the related campaign, since many of those reward reputation points. Storybooks further strengthen this point.
      • Farming can still be a good thing to increase the effectiveness of skills.
      • Characters starting in Nightfall campaign are forced to improve their sunspear title to progress anyway.
      • You might not have to farm at all for sunspear and lightbringer
  • Always check the Daily Zaishen Missions, Bounties, Vanquishes, weekly bonuses and active Festivals to take advantage of the increased rewards:
    • The double-points weekly bonuses can halve the amount of required farming.
    • It is easier to find other players who have the same goals (making farming more fun and often faster).
    • Festival are particularly interesting:
      • They are the primary source of consumable items, which are required for three titles, and can provide good bonus effects in PvE.
      • They can also provide a quantity of money (through quests and drops) for various purposes.
      • Festivals provide a way to improve certain other titles, like ebon vanguard (wintersday), survivor (wintersday, Halloween), treasure hunter (Easter) or lucky/unlucky (Canthan new year and dragon festival). Festival are also the only opportunity to increase the gamer title.
  • Remember to pick bounties at shrines, capture elite skills from bosses, and explore remote areas with wall hugging whenever possible.

Reaching rank 6 (GWAMM) quickly[edit]

The following priority order takes advantage of synergies to reach God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals "quickly":

Prophecies characters only
  1. If possible, start with Legendary Defender of Ascalon before leaving Ascalon (pre-Searing); that will reduce the total number of titles needed by one. Usually you will be spared from having to do Master of the North, but you'll still have to complete legendary vanquisher, legendary skill hunter, legendary cartographer and legendary guardian (and all the titles they require) unless you have an account-wide title. The LDoA title, which was really tedious to get before, has been made significantly easier since the introduction of daily Vanguard quests.
    • Ranger and necromancer have a small advantage over the other professions if completing LDoA not long before Wintersday, as both can go for the Ebon Vanguard Title rather easily thanks to Snowball Dominance.
    • Note that GWAMM is however a very long title, requiring several months of playtime, so you should stick to a character (professions, customization options) you like, even if it means relinquishing on the possibility to do LDoA, instead of forcing yourself to go through the whole GWAMM title with a character you will not like. Note also that Factions characters can vanquish the Factions campaign with one less area (Zen Daijun).
Any character
  1. Survivor (+1; total: 1): Since you will have to do all other campaign story-related titles for GWAMM anyway, you should take storybooks and fill them in the process, store the completed books and fill new additional ones (Hero's Handbooks are especially interesting) again in order to meet the 1337kxp requirement from cumulated experience reward (+your current experience), and return all of them at the same time. If possible, refrain from taking experience rewards from quests, since those can also add up the title; e.g. several primary quests in Factions yield ~4kxp/ea and the rewards don't need to be taken to continue. Other ways do exist to get the title, see the Survivor page for details.
  2. Protector and Guardian (+3 +3 +1; total: 8). Aims for master on first try as much as possible, although bonus objectives in Prophecies missions can sometimes be done separately.
  3. The 4 EotN reputation titles, followed by Master of the North (+4 +1; total: 13).
  4. Vanquisher, Cartography, and Skill Hunter (+4 +4 +4; total: 25).
  5. Sunspear and Lightbringer (which should already be maxed) (+2; total: 27)
  6. Drunkard, Party Animal, and Sweet Tooth (+3; total: 30). Those three titles do require farming consumables during events and/or buying them from other players. Drunkard invariably seems to be the easiest to get, whereas Party Animal can prove to be the most difficult, since festive items that provide Party Animal points cannot be bought from merchants (unlike Dwarven Ales and Red Bean Cakes that provide points for drunkard and sweet tooth titles respectively) and most cannot be spammed (Crates of Fireworks, Disco Balls and tonics). Sweets that cannot be spammed can be exchanged to Kazuma for ones that can.

Title requirement evaluation[edit]

This table compares the difficulty of reaching the maximum rank in each of the title tracks.

TitleTypeCountCostDuration1ModeOther comments
(10,000 Dwarven Ales)
ShortNoneBuy alcohol from other players. Farm and complete quests during most Festival events. Farm Gifts of the Huntsman or Gifts of the Traveler.
Sweet ToothCharacter12000
(5,000 Red Bean Cakes)
ShortNoneBuy sweets from other players. Farm and complete quests during most Festival events. Farm Gifts of the Huntsman or Gifts of the Traveler. Talk with Kazuma to convert non-spammable sweets into spammable ones.
Party AnimalCharacter1~33 + 166,700
(3,334 Crate of Fireworks)
Short/MediumNoneBuy from other players. Farm and complete quests during most Festival events. Farm Gifts of the Huntsman and/or the Chest of Wintersday Past. Zone to/from guild hall to spam tonics and fireworks. The use of a Third-party_program is not supported by Arenanet, but the use of a macro is near mandatory for non-spammable items.
Legendary Defender of AscalonCharacter1Short/MediumPvEPre-Searing characters only.
SurvivorCharacter1ShortPvE (NM/HM)If going for GWAMM, the title is actually more easy to obtain, as the player can simply fill Storybooks and keeps the books and quest rewards for later, then return all Storybooks and quests when the amount of experience is enough. This synergizes especially well with Hero's Handbook and Master Dungeon Guide.
ProtectorCharacter3MediumPvE (NM)Aim for the masters on the first try, use advice from the corresponding wiki page. The hardest bonuses are usually those that require protecting certain NPCs or splitting the party. This includes for instance Aurora Glade, Dunes of Despair, Thunderhead Keep, Eternal Grove and Gyala Hatchery.
GuardianCharacter3+1MediumPvE (HM)Same as above. Doing the daily Zaishen Missions is a good idea to find players more easily, while also rewarding good additional awards (i.e. points toward reputation titles, Zaishen Coins to buy items for consumable titles or sell them to players, and Experience)
CartographerCharacter3+1Short/MediumPvE (NM)Very easy if using Texmod. This title usually requires Wall hugging on most outposts, missions and explorable areas. Synergizes well with Skill Hunter, as exploring is easier in Normal Mode and many bosses happen to be in remote locations. Some synergy with Vanquisher.
Skill HunterCharacter3+1~290 + 194 skill points
(290 Signets of Capture)
MediumPvE (NM)Synergizes with Cartographer, Guardian, Protector, and Vanquisher.
Sunspear and LightbringerCharacter2MediumPvE (HM)Will usually be maxed by vanquishing, especially if taking bounties. You can also use Nightfall storybooks. You can also farm The Sulfurous Wastes during Elonian Support weekly bonuses.
Reputation ranks (Asura, Norn, Deldrimor, and Ebon Vanguard)Character4Medium/LongPvE (HM)Speed book to turn in multiple Hero's Handbooks. Synergy with Survivor and Master of the North. Farm during Northern Support weekly bonuses.
VanquisherCharacter3+1LongPvE (HM)Caravan vanquish whenever possible to spare time. Synergizes a bit with Cartographer and Skill Hunter (as most bosses are in remote places). Vague synergies if you wait for Zaishen Vanquishes to acquire additional awards (i.e. Experience, Zaishen Coins to buy items for consumable titles or sell them to players, , and points toward reputation titles.)
Master of the NorthCharacter1LongPvE (HM)Title is a combination of Cartographer, Guardian, Protector, and Vanquisher.
Kurzick/LuxonAccount2LongPvE and PvPParticipate in Alliance battles, Fort Aspenwood, Jade Quarry or speed clears of Mount Qinkai or Morostav Trail especially during Faction Support weekly bonuses.
WisdomAccount140 (400 Identification Kits) + cost of acquiring 10,000 gold/rare itemsLongNoneIf possible, buy Identification Kits from outpost Faction merchants to reduce costs. Synergizes with Treasure Hunter, vanquishing.
Treasure HunterAccount1~4800LongPvE (NM/HM)Contributes to Lucky and Unlucky titles if using lockpicks. (Minimum 220 hours if committed to chest running.) Farm Golden Eggs during Sweet Treats Week.
Lucky and UnluckyAccount2~2206
(by playing Nine Rings)
LongPvEPlay Nine Rings (724 hours AFK) or open chests using lockpicks.
GamerAccount1LongNoneCan only be completed through special events' minigames.
Zaishen rankAccount1100,000,000 Balthazar faction, 100,000 Tournament Reward Points, or 20,000 + 2000
(20,000 Zaishen Keys)
LongPvP or
PvE (NM)
Farm Zaishen Elite, Fort Aspenwood or Jade Quarry. You will likely need to buy Zaishen Keys or Flames of Balthazar from other players or play a lot of PvP.
1 Duration: generally assumes that players progress the various campaigns with reasonable efficiency; it is not meant to reflect the total spent by any particular player, which can vary substantially.
  • Short: the title can be easily acquired; there are substantial shortcuts available to everyone, no grind or resources are necessary, or it can be done easily while playing through the game (without too many other considerations). These titles require days (if not weeks) of effort. Some casual players will need more time to acquire these titles, e.g. Drunkard can take a while unless one buys alcohol from others.
  • Medium: requires some grind and consumes resources; there are shortcuts that a lot of people can manage. These titles require weeks (if not months) of effort. Some veteran players will manage these titles as fast as short (such as Survivor).
  • Long: requires substantial grind; few true shortcuts are available. These titles require months (if not years) of effort and/or significant investment of long-term resource.

Title synergies[edit]

You can progress several titles at once, reducing your overall investment of time. Some of these synergies include:

Survivor + Skill hunter + ProtectorA fun way towards Survivor, and less to do later. However several bosses (especially elementalists) can cause a spike and/or party wipe, so be cautious when capping their elite skill.
Vanquish + Cartography + Skill hunter (pick up as you go)Scrape areas as you Vanquish them, and bring some cap sig's if your build permits it. Less to be done later.
Vanquish in Elona + Sunspear + LightbringerIt should be enough to max Sunspear, and less to farm for Lightbringer.
Treasure Hunter + Wisdom + Lucky/UnluckyChests requiring a key with a cost over 600g contribute to the Treasure Hunter title. Using lockpicks to open those will give credit towards the Lucky or Unlucky tracks. Identify any gold drop will contribute to the wisdom title. These titles are account wide; once maxed, they apply to all characters, reducing the overall time spent pursuing GWAMM if going for the title on more than one character.
Drunkard + Survivor + DelverFarm Fronis Irontoe dungeon (HM) -You'll get two Ales from the dungeon chest. KOs don't count as deaths provided you "STAND UP!" in time. Provides also a minor chest run option since there's always a locked chest on the way. Minor Delver points reward.
Party + Sweet Tooth + DelverFarm Snowmans Dungeon in HM to yield around 3k deldrimor points and sweet tooth/party points from the end chest. There are also 4-5 locked chests on the way.
Zaishen + Wisdom + Sweet Tooth + DrunkardWeapons that come out of the Zaishen Chest are always golds. Two out of three drops contributes to either the drunkard or sweet tooth title.
Master of the North + Asura + Agent + Norn + DelverAside from cartography, every progress toward the master of the north title will also contribute to one of the reputation titles

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