Beans and Greens Stew With Doenjang Recipe (2024)



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Used miso instead and it was delicious :)

a short-tailed weasel

Yes, you can use miso. It will obviously taste different but, in my experience, you can use doenjang and miso more or less interchangeably, provided you're not going for "authenticity."Use your discretion, but you can drop either miso or doenjang into just about any savoury soup or stew.


Miso is, as described by Eric, milder and less salty than doenjang. So you may have to adjust with salt to taste, or dribble in some soy sauce. Just...go slow with it.

Chae the mediocre

Will need to make this soon. As Maangchi said, every Korean loves doenjang. Going to be in the low 50s and rainy this weekend! I'm thinking a little kimchi added to the soup or on the side would provide a slightly spicier profile.I will use dried beans. But in cooking them, I add garlic cloves, an onion, seaweed and a two inch thick slice of fresh daikon radish, and then use that broth for the soup.


If you substitute miso I'd choose the darkest miso you can get.


I know the recipe calls for doenjang, but can I substitute white/yellow miso for it in this recipe? How different would it make the stew? I accidentally bought a 2 pound bag of it instead of the small jar I thought I was buying. Oops. I'm a newbie to soybean pastes and Korean and Japanese cooking. I still have quite a bit of rainbow chard and dragon kale in my garden that I should use up before the gardening season is truly over. This recipe looks tasty.


I soaked a cup of dry beans overnight. Took the soaked beans, a chopped bunch of rainbow chard, a chopped bunch of mustard greens, the rest of the ingredients and a bit of veggie stock and threw into the instapot. Pressure cooked it for 10 minutes and did a manual release. It was delicious and so easy.


Had all the ingredients handy so this was simple to put together. My only substantive change was to toss some shrimp during the last couple of minutes of cooking for additional protein. That worked great. Next time, I probably will add tofu and keep the dish vegetarian. Paired this with a Aligote, which worked out well.


if substituting miso, maybe add some fish sauce?


Outstanding and delicious way to get more greens and plant protein in your diet. Made this twice already this week. Forgot the grated garlic the first time - do not make this mistake! It adds a whole extra dimension to the already wonderfully layered flavours. Used Swiss chard and navy beans the first time and spinach and kidney beans the second. Both worked great.


You can absolutely substitute. Both are fermented soybeans. There are differences in flavor between the two, but essentially a great substitute.


Agree that dry beans are tastier in dishes like this. But if you do use canned beans, after rinsing them when they come out of the can, start cooking them separately first in broth, while you prep the rest of the ingredients. They taste much better with abut more cooking, and the texture is better too.


toban djan is not the same as doenjang. Doenjang is not spicy at all and is more similar to red miso. Toban djan is probably more similar to Gochujiang.


Try it and let us know.

Sarah H.

Great! Purchased doenjang to use with this and the sauce for Bulgogi (Korean Grilled Beef) on this site. We loved the new (to us) flavors. Added red pepper with onions because I had one that needed using. Increased the garlic and added it with the doenjang. Substituted gochugaru for red pepper flakes because I had it. Increased the amount of soy sauce, beans, and chard. Used vegetable broth instead of water. Will be making it regularly.

Jen M.

Very tasty! The doenjang was very strong (3T is a lot!) and it needed a little 🌶️ so next time I would use 2 tablespoons doenjang and 1 of gochujang.


This stew was wonderful! I used 3 heaping tablespoons of doenjang, added a zucchini and substituted red pepper powder for the chili flakes. The flavor was fabulous.


I used miso and added a tablespoon of gochujang; used homemade chicken stock instead of water. It’s fantastic!


Put an egg on it!


Tasty. Made as is with cranberry beans.

G. Smith

A 5 oz. container of Organic Girl "Super Spinach Powerhouse Blend" works well in this if you want a fast option, as it's washed and ready to go; it's got baby spinach, baby bok choy, baby kale, tatsoi, and green chard. Like others, I used red miso, and I also subbed blue agave syrup for the honey so it was vegan. Also had some gojuchang on top. Nice, easy winter dinner.


Threw in a coarsely chopped tomato the second time we made this and thought it was a delicious addition.


Can you make this the day before?

James Massenburg

Followed this recipe exactly. Outstanding. A great new addition to our collection as we segue out of being carnivores. We served it with jasmati rice, which pairs very well with this recipe.


Loved the earthiness and change from Italian greens and beans. Made as written. Used some stemmed Tuscan kale since I was short on chard. Next time I’ll add crimini mushrooms to the mix. Didn’t eat over rice. Nice side as is.


Has anyone frozen this successfully?


I have frozen a similar white bean and green dish. I’m sure it will do fine - beans might break down more- depending on how soft they are.


The first time I made the recipe as directed and it was outstanding. The second time I made this, I doubled the beans and used kale as that is what I had on hand. Again, outstanding. This dish is so simple and comes together so easily, it really shouldn't be this good. But it is. (If you are on the fence about doenjang, you will definitely find ways to use it. Doenjang + sesame oil on thick onion slices, roasted - fantastic.)


Used stinging nettles as the greens the second time I made this lovely, nourishing simple soup. So delicious. Thank you for this brilliant Korean-American riff!


Amazon suggested I order some doenjang, so it landed in my cart on a whim (thanks Bezos!). This was the first recipe I tried it with! I replaced water with chicken and vegetable stock (doubling the liquid). I added kimchi, medium tofu, and doubled doenjang/red pepper flakes.

Janine Gross

This was really delicious and enjoyable to make. The flavor of the doenjang was new to me, but WOW! I followed the recipe precisely, but next time might double everything for more leftovers. I'll be making this regularly.

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Beans and Greens Stew With Doenjang Recipe (2024)
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