10 Unpopular Opinions About Love Island USA, According To Reddit (2024)

Season 3of Love IslandUSA is wrapping up the competition. As the remaining contestants sprint their way to the finish line, all sorts of opinionated rantings have hit the internet, particularly on Reddit, where a huge following of the show gathers weekly to discuss the most recent events of the show.

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With no shortage of recent drama on the hit reality dating show, hot takes aplenty have cropped up online. While general and specific opinions vary on a wide range of Love Island topics, some are far more outlandish and unpopular than others.

A Winter Season Is Needed

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One of the major appeals of the popular reality dating showLove Island is the sunny, tropical, summertime setting it takes place in. According to one unpopular Reddit opinion, a winter season of Love Island is needed to atone for the disappointment of Season 3.

While some support for the opinion can be found, most people feel that the show would lose its escapist vacation vibe if it moved into a snowy weather environment. Beyond the general lack of support for the opinion,most of the responses areabout how the show needs a format change of some kind (like more challenges, for example), but necessarily a move to a frigid environment during the winter.

Season 1 Had The Best Cast

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In a recent Reddit post regarding Love Island USA, opinions were asked about which cast has been the most enjoyable so far. While the OG poster cited the season 2 cast as his favorite, multiple responses favored the cast of season 1 instead. "Unpopular opinion - Season 1 had the most genuine and nice people compared to other seasons," says one poster. Another supports the opinion "So far season 1, season 3, season 2, in that order."

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Yet, in the same post, a poll taken shows overwhelming support for the cast of Season 2, earning 611 votes compared to 185 votes for season 3 and a mere 62 votes for season 1.

Season 3 Is Not Binge-Worthy

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Another recent Reddit opinion about Love Island that has garnered little support is that season3 is not binge-worthy. A chief reason cites is that the main character Cashay "is not even compelling enough."

In addition to widespread love for the guilty-pleasure dating show and massive support for breakout star Cashay on Reddit, according to tvseriesfinale.com, the ratings of season 3 are comparable to those of season 2, suggesting that viewership is strong andpeople are willing to consume the show at a large clip. One Reddit response to the binge-worthy critique is that season 3 is far superior to season 1, which was "really bad but people seem to forget."

Trina & Charlie Are A Dream Couple

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One Love Island USA opinion on Reddit that has literally zero support is that Trina and Charlie is a dream couple who should win the prize money. "I feel like they were feeling each other in the heart-rate challenge. Charlie deserves more than what Cash is able to give him right now and Trina is overdue for her Prince Charming."

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The problem is, the two have shown zero interest in one another in the villa. Once Trina separated from Cinco, she retreated into a shell and made no connection. Meanwhile, Charlie has shown interest in Alana and Cash, but none toward Trina. One poster rejects the opinion by saying "he's shown no interest in her so far. She deserves someone who wants her." This retort has more upvotes than the original post.

Charlie Is Not Genuine

One recent unpopular opinion regarding season3 of Love Island USA is that Charlie, the most laid-back and unassuming person in the villa, is disingenuous and was only staying with Cashay to win the prize money. "He most definitely knew she'd be his way to win the cash," the poster posits.

This theory has been faced all sorts of pushback on Reddit, with posters clamoring "the hate for him (Charlie) is so real" and "the hate for Charlie is crazy," with others rightly pointing out Charlie shedding affectionate tears when Cashay was dumped from the island. The overwhelming consensus is that Charlie is one of the most genuine boys in the villa.

Very Happy For Korey & Olivia

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One Reddit user begins their post with "this is a very unpopular opinion, but I am very happy for them" (Korey and Olivia). The reason cited is that viewers do not get to see everything behind the scenes, and maybe they have forged a true bond off-camera.

However, the general consensus is that Olivia's attraction to Korey was phony and only contrived as a way to stay in the villa after she returned from Casa Amor single. "Olivia being fake so she can win," on Reddit rebuttal states, with another suggesting "it's nice that you think that, I just don't see it." Another entire post entitled "Is it me or does Korey & Olivia make me cringe???" has far more upvotes than the former.

The Drama In Season 3 Is Highest

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Another unpopular Reddit opinion about Love Islandseason 3 is the most dramatic season of all. "The first US season literally had no drama, and the second had a little bit, but this season is drama galore," asserts the poster.


Rebuked with every comment, the prevailing wisdom suggests that "This ain't enough drama for me," "I miss Bad Girls Club lmao," and "there was no real drama this season other than the Shannon and Gen beef." One poster even retorts the opinion by stating "I felt like season 2 was the best one in terms of drama."

Will & Kyra Were Forced

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One of the most contentious issues on Love Island USA is the current relationship between Will and Kyra. While most people support their romance as genuine as one of the best couples in the villa, one Redditposter claims "Will and Kyra are forced as heck. Especially from Will's end. Everything he does comes off as either calculated or forced."

Pages and pages of Reddit repudiations of this opinion can be found, many of which contend that Will learned his lesson from Flo and followed his heart to be with Kyra anyway. "Are we watching the same show?" one retort asks, adding "Will can make his own decisions and he obviously chose and stuck with her for a reason."

It Needs More Jeremy

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Resident playboy Jeremy has been coupled with a whopping five different girls during his time in the villa. While many wanted to see him eliminated for feeling he stayed too long, one unpopular Redditopinion states "I really love Jeremy and I wish we could see more of him."

The responses to the opinion range from "he brings nothing to the table and isn't looking for a genuine connection" and I don't hate him, I just don't think he adds anything to the villa" to "that man needs to leave." Another Redditthread is devoted to why Jeremy should have been eliminated over Cinco, further underscoring the lack of support for the "more Jeremy" stance.

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10 Unpopular Opinions About Love Island USA, According To Reddit (2024)
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